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Today's Date: Monday, August 10, 2020
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Hasbro Action Figures & Vehicles - Star Wars Saga
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General Information

Media Type: Toys & Games
Timeframe: Reference Works & Merchandise


  • Star Wars Saga packaging

Red Nametag Carded 4" Figures

Red Nametag Carded 4" Deluxe Figures

Orange Nametag Carded 4" Figures

Orange Nametag Carded 4" Deluxe Figures

Dark Blue Nametag Carded 4" Figures

Dark Blue Nametag Carded 4" Ultra Figures

Hall Of Fame Carded 4" Figures

Black Carded 4" Exclusive/Silver Anniversary Figures

Holiday Edition 4" Exclusive Figures

4" Boxed Exclusive Figure Multipacks

4" Boxed Screen Scene Multipacks

Boxed Collectible Cups with 4" Figure

Boxed 10" Vinyl Figures

Boxed Red Nametag 12" Figures

Boxed Orange Nametag 12" Figures

Boxed Dark Blue Nametag 12" Figures

Carded 4" Accessory Sets


Boxed Creatures & Vehicles

Boxed Interactive Toys

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