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Today's Date: Friday, December 1, 2023
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New Pictures

  1. Updated Game Wall, part 1
  2. The Game Wall is made of a new set of shelves plus the last set of shelves cut to fit.
    From the top, column 1: Star Wars hardbacks, miscellaneous hardbacks, Star Wars graphic novels, Star Wars junior novels, Star Wars audiobooks.
    Column 2: Atari 5200 & XEGS cartridges, Anime box sets, Jaguar cartridges & CDs, sleeved anime DVDs.
    Column 3: Intellivision & N64 cartridges, NES cartridges, SNES cartridges, loose Genesis cartridges, PSP & Nintendo DS/Gameboy/Gameboy Advance cartridges, and boxed Genesis cartridges.
    Column 4: Vic-20 Cartridges and Sega CDs, ColecoVision cartridges and Xbox demo discs, sleeved PS3 discs, anime books and premium PS3 games, and sleeved PS2 discs.
  3. Updated Game Wall, part 2
  4. From the top, column 1: Star Wars junior novels, Star Wars audiobooks and videos, Star Wars paperbacks.
    Column 2: Anime box sets and sleeved anime DVDs, sleeved blu-ray discs, boxed blu-ray discs, sleeved DVDs, and DVD box sets.
    Column 3: Boxed Genesis cartridges, PS1 demo discs in mini-jewels, sleeved Dreamcast games and premium PS1 games, PC discs and incoming anime DVDs.
    Column 4: Sleeved PS2 games, sleeved Wii/GameCube & Xbox games, sleeved Xbox 360 & PS1 games, and a CD case of discs to be sleeved.
    NOTE: I ran out of room for the Atari 2600 cartridges, they're still in a box.

Old Pictures

  1. The Game Wall, part 1
  2. The Game Wall is made of a new set of shelves plus the last set of shelves cut to fit.
    From the top, column 1: Movie DVDs, TV show DVDs, non-anime animated DVDs, Star Wars comics, Star Wars hardbacks.
    Column 2: Anime DVDs 1-R, Jaguar cartridges, Blu-Ray movies, Nintendo 64 cartridges, Playstation 3 discs, Xbox & Xbox 360 demos, Jaguar CDs, and Windows CDs.
    Column 3: Anime DVDs R-Z, Atari 8-bit cartridges, Vic-20 cartridges, loose Genesis cartridges, SNES add-ons, Xbox games, Nintendo DS cartridges, Dreamcast CDs, Playstation 1 CDs.
    Column 4: NES cartridges, SNES cartridges, a Sega Master cartridge, boxed Genesis cartridges, Sega CD games, Xbox 360 discs, Gamecube discs.
  3. The Game Wall, part 2
  4. From the top, column 1: Star Wars hardbacks, Star Wars audiobooks, Star Wars paperbacks.
    Column 2: Xbox & Xbox 360 demos, Jaguar CDs, Windows CDs, Playstation 1 demos, Star Wars games, Red vs. Blue videos, more Star Wars paperbacks, Star Wars junior novels.
    Column 3: Nintendo DS cartridges, Dreamcast CDs, Playstation 1 CDs, Playstation 2 demos, a Lynx cartridge, PSP discs, Gameboy original/Color/Advance cartridges, Intellivision cartridges, Atari 5200 cartridges, Colecovision cartridges, a C64 cartridge.
    Column 4: Wii discs, Playstation 2 discs.
    NOTE: I ran out of room for the Atari 2600 cartridges, they're still in a box.
  5. The New Game Shelf, part 1
  6. This shelf is made of 2 smaller DVD shelves purchased at Christmas, fastened together and anchored to the wall. The top section contains Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Xbox, and Xbox 360 games and demos plus my small collection of Blu-Ray movies.
  7. The New Game Shelf, part 2
  8. The bottom section contains Playstation 1 games, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games plus my DVD movies and some Star Wars game boxes. And yes, that is a container of cat treats.
  9. The Original Game Shelf, part 1
  10. On top: game magazines. Upper shelf: double-size cased PS1 games, PS2 demos, PS1&2 duplicates, and Star Wars PC games. Lower shelf: PS2 games A to M.
  11. The Original Game Shelf, part 2
  12. Upper shelf: PS2 games A to M. Middle shelf: PS2 games M to Z and betas, plus Star Wars animated VHS videos. Lower shelf: X-box, NES (behind left stack of CDs), Gameboy (behind right stack of CDs), and Gamecube games.
  13. Birthday 2005 Books
  14. Here's what a $40 Amazon gift certificate got me. The comforter was a birthday present too.
  15. The Filing Cabinet That Thinks It's A Dresser
  16. Not much to show in here except for my Atari 2600 collection. What you can seein the pic is just the top layer of games. There's another layer under that.
  17. My Desk, part 1
  18. You can see the game shelf on the left. My CD spinner has Music, PS1 & Dreamcast games, Official Playstation Magazine demo discs, and some Mac CDs. You can see my DVR and VCR above my iMac G5. Behind the spinner and computer is a bookshelf. I don't use much on there often, including the VHS tapes on the bottom shelf. They're there, trust me. To the right is the GAME TOWER!
  19. My Desk, part 2
  20. You can see my iMac G5 on the lef and my 27in TV & Star Wars boxes on the right. Right in the middle is the GAME TOWER. On the top is my receiver for capturing audio from the TV on my computer with a TIE Intercepter, Jedi Starfighter, and Darth Maul bank. Top cube pair: my VCR, complete with astromech army and Unleashed collection as well as my Atari 7800 with Watto. Middle cube pair: X-box, PS2, Dreamcast, PS1, Game Gear, Gamecube (with Gameboy Player), and SNES (have a Super Gameboy for it too). Bottom cube pair: Controllers, assorted unsorted CDs, NES, and Nintendo 64.
  21. The Grand Astromech Army
  22. Here is a closer shot of the astromech army and Unleashed collection. In front: Saga R2-D2 (Coruscant Sentry), Flashback R2-D2 with launching lightsaber, POTJ R2-Q5, Ep3 R2-D2 (Droid Attack), Ep2 Preview R3-T7, POTJ R4-M9, POTF2 C-3PO and POTF2 R2-D2. Middle row: POTF2 PowerFX R2-D2 (with electric effect from R3-T7), POTJ R2-D2 (Naboo Escape), POTF2 R2-D2, Ep1 R2-B1, POTF2 R2-D2 (Datalink & Tools), Ep1 R2-D2, Flashback R2-D2 with launching lightsaber, and two POTF2 R5-D4s. Back Row: Unleashed Darth Maul, Unleashed Jango & Boba Fett, and Unleashed Padmé Amidala
  23. The Star Wars Boxes
  24. To the left you can see the TV and to the right you can see my filing-cabinet-turned-dresser as well as the closet. See the boxes? I have every one of them full of Star Wars goodies.. about 20 of them. 14 are sitting there outside the closet. And yes, that is a Jar Jar hand you see there. The Early Bird box you see at the top is from the GalacticHunter.com contest.
  25. The Video Cabinet
  26. First thing you notice is.. it's made for VHS tapes. The second thing you notice is.. there ARE no VHS tapes in there. The third thing you notice is, yes.. box sets CAN fit in there without being broken up. A nice mix of entertainment. BTW, that HUGE case at the top is Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.. it dwarfs all the other cases in there, even the Tenchi and Ranma gatefold boxes.
  27. The Multi-colored Cart, part 1
  28. This is a useful item that I got for my clone, but he didn't want it, so I made some use out of it. Here's inside the top: SNES games, Atari 8-bit cartridges, and yes.. Vic-20 cartridges.
  29. The Multi-colored Cart, part 2
  30. Check this out.. a whole Atari XEGS setup can fit in the middle section!
  31. The Closet Shelf, right side
  32. More Star Wars boxes, two Amidala collection 12in figures, some odd BALSA WOOD Star Wars models, and some Star Wars playsets & vehicles. Yes, on the left, that IS a plush Ryo-Ohki the cabbit from Tenchi Muyo.
  33. The Closet Shelf, left side
  34. More Star Wars 12in figures, some Star Wars game boxes, one of the Star Wars Boxes, and more Tenchi toys. As for the cassette case, I haven't opened that in ages, but I know there's a ton of Blue Öyster Cult in there.
  35. The Underbed Drawers, part 1
  36. Here's what 30 years of accumulating furniture can do for you. My dear old dad whipped this one up. Made from the drawer base of an old single waterbed, the area below my daybed frame is now plenty of storage space. Here we see a large portion of my Star Wars paperbacks. Yes, I have tried to keep the various series of novels together.
  37. The Underbed Drawers, part 2
  38. More Star Wars paperbacks and a large portion of my Star Wars juvenile novels, because Star Wars kid books are Star Wars too. Under that Ep2 Scrapbook are old D6 Star Wars RPG sourcebooks. Right in the middle there is the rare, elusive audio version of Nightlily from Tales Of The Mos Eisley Cantina.
  39. The Underbed Drawers, part 3
  40. Even more Star Wars paperbacks. Some Star Wars hardbacks, and on the left are Star Wars graphic novels. By the way, the Geonosis Battle Arena Game rules there were sent to me by Primetime Jedi.
  41. The Underbed Drawers, part 4
  42. More Star Wars hardbacks and oversized books like the DK visual dictionaries.
  43. The Underbed Drawers, part 5
  44. Not much Star Wars here except the two trilogies on audiotape. To the left are Atari 5200 cartridges, below the auditapes is a C-64 version of Ms. Pac-Man, just to the right are Colecovision games, above them are two Genesis games, the games with the curved tops are Atari Jaguar games, and the rest are Intellivision games.
  45. The Underbed Drawers, part 6
  46. Last drawer in the batch.. old Star Wars calendars, more Star Wars juvenile books, and more Star Wars hardbacks.

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