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Today's Date: Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Obroa-Skai Anime Reference Guide
-Sorcerer Hunters-

  • Original Name: Bakuretsu Hunters TV
  • Anime Type: TV Series - 26 episodes
  • Available: DVD (1-26 of 26)
YesEpisode 1: Float-Bridge of Love
YesEpisode 2: Red Flower of Life
YesEpisode 3: Unwritten Laws about Light and Dark
YesEpisode 4: Fireworks Competition of Love
YesEpisode 5: A Dreamy Girl at Lakeside
YesEpisode 6: Heresy of Love is Crystal
YesEpisode 7: Love, as it Drifts
YesEpisode 8: The Forbidden Fire
YesEpisode 9: Labyrinth Opera House
YesEpisode 10: To Love a Vagabond
YesEpisode 11: Forbidden Fruit
YesEpisode 12: The Fossilized Warrior
YesEpisode 13: In Between Dreams and Reality
YesEpisode 14: God's a Big Fool
YesEpisode 15: The First Reunion
YesEpisode 16: The Great Hospital of Love
YesEpisode 17: Big Mama Once Again
YesEpisode 18: The Gods Within
YesEpisode 19: Darling is a Love-Stricken Ass
YesEpisode 20: The Boy Has Seen It
YesEpisode 21: A Sleepless Night
YesEpisode 22: Sorcerer Hunter Spirits
YesEpisode 23: The Foible of Kindness
YesEpisode 24: Overture of Destruction
YesEpisode 25: The Awakening of the Destroyer
YesEpisode 26: A Forgotten Piece from the Future

- Symbol Key -

  • Blu-Ray - Blu-Ray High Definition Disc
  • DVD - DVD Disc
  • VHS - VHS Tape
  • CD - Compact Disc
  • Book - Book

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